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Emerald is a precious gem of green colour. It is known as Marakatha in Sanskrit, Panna in Hindi and Pacha in Telugu. Its hardness is 7.75. specific gravity 2.69 to 2.80. Refractive indices 1.57 to 1.58. The weight should not be less than 3 carats. The colour of the emerald resembles the colour of the neck of the peacock, grass, green leaves and wings of the parrot. It is said that this gem was emanated from the bird Garuda or Garutmantha and hence known as Garuda-mani or Garutmat. It is difficult to get a flawless, pure emerald and it is one of the costliest gems. Magnifying glasses are used to test the emeralds. A pale and lusterless stone is of no use. Even when lime is applied to the stone, the green light is visible if it is a real emerald. A good emerald is transparent, smooth, bright, radiant, attractive and well shaped without spots, dots, cracks, holes, thick water, roughness, brittle like glass, depression or mixture of other colours. Emerald does not lose its colour even when it is heated. Columbia is famous for emeralds.

MERCURY - EMERALD: Emerald is the stone of the planet Mercury or Budha. Mercury governs the following: Wednesday Number 5, green shade, the hand, arms, fingers, nerves, the brain, intellect, mathematics, medicine and other sc sciences, commerce, the speech, script etc. Mercury is the ruler of the zodiacal signs Gemini and Virgo. Mithuna and Kanya rasis. Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revathi are the stars of Budha, situated in the rasis Karkataka, Vrischika and Meena. Mithuna rasi consists of the stars Mrigasira 3rd and 4th quarters, Ardra and three quarters of Punarvasu. Kanya rasi consists of the three quarters of Uttaraphalguni, Hasta full and first two quarters of chitra.

Who should wear Emerald:

     The following persons can wear Emerald:

    1.   Geminians born between May 21 and June 21. 
    2.   Virgoans born between August 24 and September 23. 
    3.   Those born with Gemini or Virgo rising at birth. 
    4.   Natives of Mithuna and Kanya rasi or lagna. 
    5.   Persons with birth stars Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revathi. 
    6.   Those born on Wednesday. 
    7.   Persons who have Mercury in 10th house or angles in own or exalted signs.
    8.   Persons experiencing the Dasa period of Budha. 

These are general guidelines. Proper decision should be taken after consulting an experienced astrologer well versed in gemology. Emerald can be used by certain persons who suffer from the evil influence of Mercury as a remedial measure. A genuine emerald should be set in a ring of gold and worn on an auspicious Wednesday in the little finger after purifying in cow's urine and milk for some time.


Good effects of an emerald:

    1. Increases the grasping power and memory. 
    2. Increases the talent of writing, speech and teaching. 
   3. Helps  to get relief from hysteria,  mental  diseases, nervousness,   giddiness,  epilepsy,  brain   troubles, psychic  problems, stammering, dumbness and  intestinal ailments. 
    4. Prevents the evil effects of black magic, evil spirits  and poisons. 
    5. Improves business. 
   6. Helps to gain progress and recognition in literary and  academic pursuits, arts, sports, journalism,  law, audit  and  accounts, engineering, medicine  and  intellectual fields. 
    7. Develops business related to Mercury  like,  textiles,  paper,   stationery,  books,   periodicals,   printing,  publications, publicity, communications and travel. 
    8. Develops the skills in different crafts. 
    9. Gives relief from the adverse results  of  afflicted  mercury. 

Those who cannot afford to purchase an emerald can use some semi-precious stones line Peridot, Aquamarine, Jade and Onyx. The hardness and specific gravity are indicated below.

PERIDOT (Jabarjad): Hardness 6.50 - specific gravity 3.40. Dark green stones may be preferred. These stones are found in Burma, North America and some islands west of Red sea.

AQUAMARINE (Bairuj): More transparent than Emerald. Hardness 6.75; specific gravity 2.70. These stones are available in Siberia, Brazil, Russia and Madagascar.

JADE: (Magaraj -Sangyasab Harithamani) Hardness 6.50; specific gravity 3. This is an opaque stone of green colour without brilliance. There aretwo types of Jades - Nephrite and Jadelite. Nephrite jades of dark green colour are available in New zealand, Siberia, Columbia and Eastern Turk Stan. The Jadelite vary in colour, some are light green and some are dark green. These are available in Burma, China, Mexico, South America and Tibet. Chinese Jadelite are the best but rarely available. Brazilian

EMERALD: Hardness 7; specific gravity 3.10. This is one variety of Tourmaline which is of different colors. The green one can be used as a substitute, Onyx is another cheap green stone.