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I am T.K.Sastry, born in a traditional Brahmin family. After working as a priest and purohit, I have shifted my focus towards modern education. I did Masters degree in Business Administration. The magic of planets continued and I have opted Journalism as my career. At present I am working as news editor in a leading Telugu Daily. With inborn interest in Astrology from the childhood, I did my studentship under Prominent Astrologers Late Sri V.V.Rao and Late Sri. V.R.K.Murthy, learnt Sayna System of Astrology.

I am practicing Astrology for more than a decade time. and one of the very few astrologers, who is practicing Sayna System of Astrology in India.


(24-03-1929 - 21-09-2002)

Sri V.V.Rao was born on 24.3.1929 at Kurdha road Orissa. He was educated in Vizianagaram Maharaja college, a well known center for intellectuals, writers and artists. As conformed by his fifth house of the birth chart, Aries with Sun and Uranus placed, his talents are varied and diversified. His interest in creative writing, acting in dramas, journalism, playwright associating with Nataka Parishats and as a renowned Astrologer can be attributed to his fifth house with exalted Sun and Uranus for diversification and Astrology. While in the job as accountant his astrological predictive talents due to placement of Uranus in fifth house, have made him popular. The deep study of the subject and shifting to Journalism in Andhra Bhoomi, sharpened his talents further and After leaving the Andhra Bhoomi he settled down whole time in Astrology to meet the demands of his clients and friends. 

With the help and assistance of his disciples Sri V.R.K.Murthy & T.K.Sastry, the Sayana predictions, Panchang and Muhurats much needed by one and all, could be got computerized taking to its logical end of launching this website, to serve and cater the extending demands of clientele and general public,the NRI section in particular. 


(03-10-1946 - 28-09-2005) 

SRI. V.R.K.Murthy, with tenth Uranus playing its natural role on his profession, made to resign long service in Bank and made to enter construction and other business activity and didnot allow to continue the same line. With the progressed Moon coming to the square from first made him to shift the line to the studentship of Sri V.V.Rao and learnt astrology and the Uranus again played its role to take him to computerise the horoscope, interpretations etc. As a natural inquisitiveness created by Uranus from tenth trining the first lord Mercury, went deeper to computerise the Panchang-Astroguide (Almanac) part, Muhurats part which are much needed for the common man in the traditional Nirayana system and Matching horoscopes and interpretations under Sayana System learnt from revered Guru Sri V.V.Rao. With his blessings he learnt astrology, computerising the same and to the logical end of launching this site. He passed away on Ekadasi, 28th of September 2005


The Leo Astro Academy owes a lot to the young energetic students of software Mr. Paramatma Sirnam , Mr. Narsimha Sastry Telikepalli, Mr. Subramanian V for their concerted, relentless and untiring efforts in developing the Astrological Package. In due acknowledgment of our gratefulness,we wish them all success and blessings for their prosperity.

With a fond hope that every guest of this site will take best advantage of the services being extended and enable us to expand the site more and more to meet the needs and requirements, a humble beginning is being made with a request to you all to send in your valuable constructive comments.