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The influence of the planets on the physical well being of the man in astrology is studied under the branch Medical Astrology. According to ancient traditions all over the world the doctors used to study the influence of the planets astrologically on the individual while treating him. Even in the modern days the study of horoscope gives an idea of likely diseases one may get so as to take necessary preventive steps or at the time of ill health to have the check up in a particular direction so that a proper diagnosis can be made before treating the patient. Based on the Sun, Moon and Lagna positions and their adverse aspects will give some idea of the health problems. With date of birth alone known then making a horoscope is not possible. But based on the Sun sign an attempt can be made to know the likely health problems of the individuals. 

(Born between March 21 - April 20)

For Arians head is the main part to be affected. Arians should have proper amount of sleep, bodily and mental rest. Peaceful and harmonious surroundings are required for Arians. Worry, Anxiety and overstrain of the brain will upset the general health. Arians are likely to suffer from ailments related to head, face, brain and nervous system connecting brain. Since Aries is a sign of Mars the general trend of Arians is hasty and harsh actions which may cause quarrels and consequent injuries, rash driving and accidents. To mitigate the situation and to reduce the hot temperament of fiery sign Aries one should have cool and calm atmosphere and well ventilated and peaceful surroundings. Excitement of all kinds will imbalance the brain. You never overdo things, either physically or mentally. You have to have regular hours of work and rest. When feeling out of sorts better go for peaceful and harmonious surroundings. Fresh air and daily walking exercise are most desirable. Brain food and small amount of animal food are required. It is better to avoid stimulants. 

(Born between April 21 -May 20)

This is a vital sign with neck and throat and the connected system as the main parts of the body likely to be affected. Regular habits are most essential. Physical exercise is needed. You will have a large appetite which may lead to obesity with short and sturdy neck. Hence every care should be taken in diet. All food of a fattening and heating nature should be avoided. As the Venus is the ruler of Taurus other possible ailments are those connected cheeks, neck, throat and genital organs. Temperance in food and drink is essential. When run down or depressed, pleasure and company will act as a stimulant. Music will have an harmonious influence on the system. Food or drink of malt nature should be avoided. Spirits, which stimulate the heart, should be used medicinally. 

(Born Between May 21 - June 21)

This sign will have mental vitality than physical. Shoulders,Hands, Lungs and Nervous system are the chief parts affected. Likely ailments are stammering, dumbness, fits, tongue & voice related etc., if this sign is afflicted. One of the finest things for people with this influence is breathing exercises, so that the respiratory organs are kept in a proper condition. All excesses of activity, worry and mental excitement are injurious to the nervous system but a fair amount of walking, dumb-bell exercise and the like should be indulged in. Care is required as overstrain in studies likely to affect the nervous system. Warm clothing is important for the lung protection. Foods to strengthen mental and nerves system are necessary. 

(Born between June 22 - July 23)

This is a weak sign owing to its receptivity to external conditions. As stomach will be most affected, pure and well cooked food is to be taken. Ailments through impurities of liquids in body, cough& cold, acidity, stomach related are common. Intoxicating liquors should be avoided. All worry and anxiety, overtaxing of the mind, will disturb the digestive system and hence it is necessary to keep the mind free. Colds and chills should be guarded against. When the system is run down, a change of scenery, or a sea voyage, will be beneficial. One great evil of this influence is a disordered imagination. There being a tendency for people to imagine themselves suffering from all kinds of complaints, when really there is little or nothing matter with them. Drugs of all kinds should be particularly avoided. 

(Born between July 24 - Aug.23)

This is a vital sign and rules the heart, spine and eye. Blood Pressure, Heart ailments, cholesterol check should be regularly monitored. Temperate living is essential because once the life gets into an inharmonious groove, or goes to extremes, then disorders are likely to arise. It is necessary that the life should not be allowed to run into discord or disorder. Good habits and harmonious surroundings should be cultivated. Diet should be carefully attended to, and all heating and stimulating food or drink should be avoided. Excitement and haste should be avoided and everything done quietly, calmly and orderly. It is necessary to keep the blood pure and the system in balance. Any feverish tendency should be treated immediately. 

(Born between Aug. 24 - Sept. 23)

Condition of the mind has much to do with the general health as Virgo is a mental sign. The bowels, digestive system, abdomen are the parts mostly affected. Over indulgence in food should be avoided. Over eating of spicy food may affect your digestion. You will e fond of delicious and tasty foods but should be cautious in quantity. Worry, Anxiety, constitutional changes, weather etc., tend to disturb the system. Diet is very particular thing, specially meals. Drugs should not be taken. You should try to live naturally and quietly. If your material affairs are upset your health will be upset. If things are in a flourishing condition your health will be good. Virgos will enjoy a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

(Born between Sep 24 - Oct 23)

Libra is a mental sign with refined nature. Kidneys, waist and naval are the chief organs affected. Harmony and congenial surroundings are essential, plenty of fresh air, mild physical exercise, and a well-balanced mind, are required to keep the system in a god order. All over indulgence, both in pleasure and diet, should be avoided. The use of cosmetics should be guarded against by the fair sex, owing to the tendency of this sign to produce continuous disorders. You should be careful in taking the water as impurities there in are apt to cause typhoid or enteric ever. Kidney troubles may be soon felt by a pain across the lower part of the back, and should have immediate attention. 

(Born between Oct 23 - Nov22)

Scorpio will govern the excretory system, genital organs, bladder. Heart and throat will be mostly affected. One of the chief faults of this sign is over-indulgence, and many ailments may be entirely averted by being temperate in food and drink, and discreet in sexual relations. Scorpio gives great danger of infection to the parts governed by the sign. All heating and stimulating foods should be avoided. Very little meat be taken, while intoxicants of all kinds should never be touched, unless medicinally. Excretory system should always be kept in good order. Control of sexual desire is required. Constipating foods should be avoided so that you can guard yourself from piles complaint. 

(Born between Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Sagittarius governs thighs, buttocks, liver, blood vessels. Blood Pressure, Sugar Complaint are common. Healthy exercise, Physical recreation, riding, cycling and all kinds of sports in moderation are best means of keeping the system in order for Sagittarians. Moderation is essential as this sign always gives a tendency to over-activity. Doing things with a rush and putting too much exertion into actions will weaken the system. Everything should be done quietly and over-exertion to be avoided. When health runs down, good walking exercise will do more than medicine. Literature of an elevating and philosophical nature will benefit the mind. Care is always required with this influence to avoid accidents, cuts, injuries and also bites from animals. The blood should be kept pure. 

(Born between Dec 22 to Jan 20)

This is a weak sign and governs the knees, bones, joints and skin. Care needed in dental problems, arthritis, fractures and skin diseases. It gives great danger of depression and melancholia. All morbid tendencies, despondency, discontent and the like should be avoided. Care should be taken to keep the system free from colds and chills. Mild purgatives should be taken occasionally and there is a danger of the bowels being constipated. A heating and stimulating diet is required. Malt liquors may be taken in moderation. Cheerful company, bright and congenial surroundings, a fair amount of physical exercise are necessary to keep the system in good order. Care should be taken with the skin, and cosmetics avoided, as they are likely to be injurious and cause irritation and troubles. 

(Born between Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Aquarians should keep their mind far from worry and anxiety. Uranus being the lord unknown and unidentified diseases and accidents are common for this sign. Neurological problems and diseases relating to spine and brain nervous system are other likely diseases The blood should be kept in good order as this sign rules the blood circulation and legs. Impurity of blood should promptly attended. Plenty of fresh air, exercise, harmonious surroundings, regular but moderate mental exercise are very necessary to keep the system in good condition. Care is also required in diet. Any complaints under this sign are likely to be lasting and perhaps permanent. 

Born between Feb 20 - Mar 20)

This a motive and weak sign, governs the feet, ankles and fluid system of the body. Care needed in dancing, walking and running. This being a sensitive sign be cautious about mental and psychological problems. Over-anxiety and worry should be avoided. Temperance and cleanliness over the person are great essential with the sign. Care is required in matter of diet as there is danger of taking too much liquid and all stimulants and intoxicating liquors should be avoided. This sign also gives danger of infectious and contagious disorders. Forgetfulness and carelessness are particular evils of this sign. There being a tendency to be careless of personal comforts and necessaries and thus ailments may arise by these means.