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Diamond is famous for its hardness. No other material or tool can cut it except anothr diamond. It is known as VAJRA in Sanskrit, Heera in Hindi and ravva in Telugu. Diamond is the stone of Venus or Sukra-the planet noted for attraction, love, beauty, pleasure, harmony, unity and marital and sexual relations. A very strong person is generally described as Vajra Deha - a man of diamond body. According to mythological story, Indra, the Lord of Paradise, could succeed in killing the mighty Demon VRITRA only after using Vajrayudha, the Diamond Sword. Diamond is very hard. It does not break even if it is hit with a hammer on anvil. It floats when dipped in water, never sinks. No scar forms on its surface when rubbed on a polished stone or when it is cut. The hardness of diamond is 10 and its specific gravity is 3.52, refractive index is 2.42175 which is the highest of all precious gems. South Africa produces the largest, quantity of diamonds in the world, nearly 65 per cent. More quantity is available in Kimberley, Rhodesia, Belgium, Congo and Gold coast and other diamond mines. Diamonds are produced in China, Brazil, Australia, Borneo, Malaya, South America, Sri Lanka, India and other countries. The world famous Kohinoor diamond was found in an agricultural farm in Paritala, a village near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. Its weight was then 186 carats. It reached the ruler of Golconda who gifted to Shah Jahan. Later it was set in the peacock throne of Aurangjeb. In 1734 Nadibshah took it to Persia. Ranjit Singh recaptured it. In 1850 it was gifted to Dalhousie who in turn presented it to Queen Victoria. The great Mogul Diamond was also found in 1650 in a mine near Golconda of Andhra Pradesh. Its weight was 787.5 carats. The famous Rose Diamond and Arlof diamond were also found in India. Their original weights were 410 and 163 carats. Vajrakaroor in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh is noted for diamonds. It is said that diamonds and other gems were sold in Vijayanagar empire.Who should wear a diamond: Diamond is the costliest stone. Those who cannot afford to buy the costly diamond, can wear a diamond of at least one carat in weight to get good results. This stone should be worn on an auspicious Friday. It can be set in a silver or gold ring. The rays of the gem should touch the finger.

The following persons can wear diamond:
   1.  Those born between April 21 and May 20, kin the  month  of Taurus. 
   2.  Librans born between September 24 and October 23. 
   3.  People born when Taurus or Libra was rising at birth. 
   4.  Those born in Vrishabha rasi and Tularasi or one of the two lagnas. 
   5.  People with Birth stars Bharani,Poorvaphalguni (Pubba) Poorvashadha. 
   6.  Persons experiencing the Dasa period of Sukra. 

Sukra is a benefic or yogakaraka for the persons born in Makara or Kumbha lagna, especially if Venus occupies the signs Tula, Vrishabha, Makara or Kumbha. Actors, singers, dancers, painters, musicians, poets, make-up artists, beauticians, sculptors, craftsmen and those engaged in films, studios, photography, beauty parlour and people who manufacture or deal in furniture, jewels, gems, colours, pictures, perfumes, cosmetics, floriculture, flower garlands, fancy and luxurious items and artistic materials can also wear diamonds, because these professions and materials are governed by Venus. If marriage is long delayed, or married life is disturbed, the diamond helps to solve the problems, restore harmony and reunite the couple. It also gives relief from Venereal diseases. It fulfills the desire of women who crave for motherhood. Diamond rings are given as wedding gifts. This gem gives relief from excess bleeding during menses and problems relating to genital organs and sex. The ashes of diamond are used in Ayurvedic medicines. The diamonds with black or red dot, cracks, scar islands and dirt and those that look pale, lusterless, ill shaped and unclean should not be worn because they are harmful. An octagonal white diamond, shining like a jasmine flower is known as Male Diamond. It is considered the best. The round one, known as Female Diamond is also good. The stone with depression in the corners, bulging in the center and round in shape is treated as Eunuch Diamond and harmful to the wearer. The best diamonds are colourless, pure, white and shining with eight or six angles. The diamond with red tint is favourable for the rulers, leaders, ministers and those in high positions. The diamond with yellow hue is good for businessmen. White Tourmaline, White Zircon and White Sapphire, weighing more than three carats and White Rock Crystal of 11 carats can be used as substitutes for diamonds.

Rock Crystal or 'Sphatik' is a beautiful colourless stone, used as substitute for diamond. It is known as Cithopal, Siva-priya, Kanchmani or Phatak, available in Kashmir. Satpura, Vindhyachal, Kulu in India and Brazil, Japan, America, Russia, France, Hungary, Madagascar and other places. This stone protects from evil spirits and gives sound sleep. Some people wear a rosary of rock crystals to develop concentration. The powder of the stone is used in medicine for diabetes, cold and other diseases. Lenses are prepared with this stones. It looks like white topaz. Venus governs the eyes, throat, kidney and generative system in the body and the colour white. So this stone is favourable for the natives of Taurus & Libra. Diamond is the costliest stone. Those who cannot afford to buy a diamond can wear the rock crystal on a Friday.

TOURMALINE is another semi-precious multi-coloured stone, used as another substitute to diamond. It is known as VIKRANTH or KSHUDRA KULIS in Sanskrit. Its hardness is 7 and specific gravity is 3.1. It is found in red, pink, black, green, blue, violet,yellow and white colours with different names. The colourless(white) stone is known as ANCHOLITE which can be used as a substitute to diamond. The tourmalines contain healing powers. The powder is used in India medicine for white patches, venereal diseases, insanity, insomnia, fevers, TB, jaundice, diabetes and asthma. It strengthens the mind, improves the grasping power and intelligence.