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Narayana Murty born in Mysore on 20th August, 1946. As per Sayna school of astrology Scorpio is  his Lagna. Lagna lord Mars is in Libra. Sun is in his 10th house and his own house Leo along with Saturn and Mercury. Saturn and Mercury are in 60 degrees favourbla aspect with Mars, the lagna lord. Second lord Jupiter is in his 12th house. Jupiter is in 60 degrees positive angle with Sun and Uranus. One must have Mars in good position, if he wants to be successful in Technology field. Besides that placement of Uranus is very crucial if he wants to grow big in IT field. In the case of Narayana Murhy Mars, Uranus are well places. 10th house is very strong with Sun, Mercury and Saturn. These two aspects made him father of Indian IT industry.

If Mercury, Jupiter and lords of 3rd and 9th houses are well placed one will excel in education. They even become teachers and professers. In Narayana murthy’s horoscope, Moon is in 60 degrees good aspect with Mercury and Saturn. Besides this his Mars is also well placed. Due to this he persued technical education. He started his career as teacher, but with in no time the started his own venture. His was not successful in his first venture. But Scoropio people are strong minded and will not give up even they failed once. In 1981, he started Infosys along with few friends, when his progressed Mercury formed 60 degrees good aspect with Natal Merucry. 7th house from lagna is for friends and partnerships. If 7th house is not good there will be problems with friends and partners. His Moon is in his 7th house and is in good angle with 3,8,10th lords Saturn and Mercury. Due to this his company started well and created records in Indian share market. 

One must have good plaents in 2,5,11th house or lords of these houses must have good angle with other planets to be successful in business. These three houses are very good and lords of these three houses are also well placed in Narayanamurthy’s horoscope. Scorpio sun sign born people will be very strong minded and they will not give up any thing till they achieve success. Will power and creative talents of Narayana Murthy along with good team work made Infosys one of the pioneer of India IT industry.


Infosys became his surname and he received many awards for his achievements in IT industry. Sun is in 10th house and is in good position with Jupiter. This aspect gave him honours and titeles. He got Padmavibhushan from Govenement of India. Besides this he received more than 10 national and international awards. He deliverd lectures in world famouns universities in motives young people. If Sun and Moon are well placed one will be successful in life and career. They will be getting recognition and honours through out the life.


Narayana Murthy is known for his simplicity and charity. His philosophy, simple way of living and attitude made him one of the icons of Indian Industry. “Take care of the needy and poor people of they society.. that will give you real happiness in life. Keep enough money to lead your life.. give rest to the needy’’ is the philosophy of Narayana Murthy. He not only preached but practiced this philosophy. 12th house from lagna is for charity and happy living. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are in his 12th house and they are having good aspects with other planets. He got name and fame because of his charity and simplicity but not because of his money. Recently he got international humanitarian award for his service to the society.


He retired from Infosys long back. Till then Infosys is not doing well. So, Narayana Murty forced to take the responsibility of leading the company again. As for as Sayna astrology, transit Saturn entered in Scorpio from this July onwards. Naryana Murthy’s lagna is Scorpio. So he was forced to take up huge responsibility at this late age. As his progressed Moon traveled in 12th house for the last 30 months. This is another reason for the slow progress of the company. Now his progressed Moon is travlling in his 1st house. This is very good for him. He may face few problem in career during June, Oct 2014, June and July 2015. But he will be very successful in his new assignment for coming 7 years and bring back the glory to Infosys.