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Sun will travel in Sun sign Cancer till 22nd July. After that he will be in Leo till last week of the month. Transit of Sun in Cancer may result focus on domestic affairs, transfers, taking up new responsibilities, construction activity, purchase of valuables and changes in attitude. You are likely to participate in a happy occasion. You will pay attention on affairs of mother, home decorations or land deals etc., Home needs will be acquired. Good time for the people who are in real estate, trade, departmental stores, rental agencies during favorable days. These people must be careful during the adverse days regarding mother’s health and attitude of family members. Unpleasant changes may create tensions.

From 22nd June Sun will enter in Leo, its own sun sign. Due to this financial betterment, success in new ventures and happy events are indicated. Your relations will improve. Good time to get admission in professional courses and students will get success in their projects. Love life and financial position will improve during favorable days in the last part of the Month. Financial loss or break in relationship is indicated during adverse days. Favorable and Adverse days in this month are given below


Beginning of the month is not so good. Venus is forming 90 degree adverse aspect with Saturn on 1st of July and Sun is squaring Uranus on 4th. Due to this you may witness sudden change in the attitude of loved one’s. Relations may be strained. Attacks or humiliation for women is indicated. Sudden changes in the attitude of your partners may cause problems. Avoid risky investments till 4th of July. People who born in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Libra and Aquarius sun signs must be more careful. Earth quakes or floods are indicated.


It is very good time from 7th to 20th during this month. Many positive aspects are taking place. Venus is coming into 120 degrees good aspect on 7th. Sun is joining Mercury on 9th. Jupiter is making 120 degrees aspect with Saturn and Neptune on 17th, Saturn is making 120 degrees aspect with Neptune on 19t and Mars is making 120 degrees aspect with Saturn and Neptune on 20th. Due to this happy events may take place in domestic front. Financial position will improve. Good time for students. Their wish will be fulfilled. Relations will be strengthened. You may take up a new responsibility. Good time for new assignments and celebrations. People who born in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces  sun signs will be highly benefited during this time.


There are major adverse aspects during the last week of July 2013. There may be political instability in the country and break in relations in the case of individuals on 22nd to 31st of this month. Mars is joining Jupiter and Venus is opposing Neptune during 22nd and 26th. Sun is coming into 90 degrees adverse aspect with Saturn on 27th and Mars with Uranus on 31. Due to this there may be political crisis. There may be serious unrest due to wrong decisions. Deception may lead to separations. One must be very careful in financial matters and in dealing with seniors during this period.


Financial position will improve on 26th and 28th as Venus is making good aspect with Saturn and Jupiter. Sunny time for Stock markets investors but risks must be avoided as last part of the month is not so good. Good time for Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn sun sing born people. Women may take crucial decisions, which may create problems at the end.

As Major planets are making good and bad aspects, it is better to go slow during this month in financial matters and relationships