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Dr. Manmohan singh was Born in Gah (now in Punjab, Pakistan), on September 26, 1932. As per Sayana system of astrology, his lagna or Ascendent is Capricorn. Lagna lord Saturn is in his own house Capricorn. Many may feel that Saturn will harm an individual a lot and create lot of hurdles in life. But it is not totally correct. A well placed Saturn will teach patience, discipline and ability to withstand any kind of adverse situation. These qualities will promote any person to reach heights in life. Dr. Manmhoan singh got the best opportunities in life with the blessings of Saturn.


The Planets Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune are in his 9th house. 3rd, 9th and 12th houses respectively will indicate the education graph of a person. In the case of Dr. Manmohan Singh, the lords of all the three houses, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune are in his 9th house which made him a great intellectual. He stood always first in studies and did his PhD from Oxford University. He worked as a professor and financial consultant to dome reputed and prestigious International agencies. One great Yoga in his horoscope is, there are 4 planets in his 9th house, the house of luck and higher education. Along with this combination, Moon and Venus are joined his 8th house. In astrology, the 8th house stands for financé. As 5th and 10th lords are in his 8th house, he started his career as a professor and economic adviser. He worked in different key positions right from Reserve Bank of India to Planning Commission. He became Finance Minister of India in 1991. He was brought by the then Prime Minister P.V. Narasimharao, to control the Indian Economy, which was in a very bad shape at that time. Dr. Singh took many revolutionary decisions and brought Indian economy back on track, which the blessings of Sun, which is in his 9th house.


The 7th house from lagna, or 7th lord must be in good position to get public popularity. If good planets in 7th house or 7th lord well placed with other planets, the person will be in glamour fields like movies and politics and will be a crowd puller. In Dr. Singh’s horoscope his 7th lord is Moon and is joined with Venus in his 8th house. Due to this he became very popular in financial field. But Mars has joined the Moon in 8th house. Due to this combination he has never been a crowd puller and not successful in politics. Once he contested from Delhi to Loksabha and tasted the defeat. 1991 onwards he is serving the nation as Rajya Sabha member only. So, planet Mars played spoil sport and now allowed him to be successful in direct politics. When Mars is placed in Leo, and badly aspected byother planets, one will undergo some kind of heart problem. Dr. Singh undergone heart surgeries for several times but came out successfully as Sun is good aspect with Mars in his horoscope.


Dr. Singh’s life started taking new turns from 1991 onwards. He entered into politics by becoming Finance Minister. At that time progressed Moon was traveling in his 9th house and made good aspect with Jupiter and Saturn. These planets made him finance minister. Since then for the last 2 decades he is in direct politics. Even when congress is not in power, Dr. Singh acted as  opposition leader in Rajya Sabha. He got this strength from Sun-Moon favorable aspect. When progressed Moon was traveling in Aries and made 120 degrees good aspect with 5 and 9th lord Mercury, he became became Prime Minister of India unexpectedly. When his progressed Moon was traveling in his 4th house, he went though a bad time. Many scams made his Government very unpopular, but as Saturn is very strong in his horoscope, he became Prime Minister for the second time.


As Saturn is in his Lagna, he will be silent but he will be very strong in his views as his lagna is Capricorn. Recent FDI issue is the best example for his uncompromising attitude. Though all the other parties are opposing, he stood strongly and passed the bills successfully. General elections for the Loksabha are due in 2014. Progressed Moon will pass through his 7th house during that time. During 2014 June his progressed Jupiter is making 120 degrees good aspect with M.C. Moon will give glamour and good positions when he travel in 7th house. As Jupiter, the general fortune giver is making good aspect with M.C, he may achieve Hattric as Prime Minister of India. From 2016 his progressed Moon will travel in his 8th house. During Oct 2016 to March 2017 he may face some health problems.