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Raviteja Born on 1968, January 26th in Jaggampet in East Godavari district. As per Sayna School of Astrology his Lagna is in Gemini. Lagna lord is Mercury and is in 10th i.e. career house. 7th house from lagna is known for popularity. Raviteja is having Moon and Venus in his 7th house, which led him to Film industry. 7th lord Jupiter is in his 5th house and he is in 120 degrees very good position with Venus. Another beautiful aspect in his horoscope is Sun is in his 10th house and is in 60 degrees positive angle with  Saturn. The exchange of Mercury and Uranus, Neptune ad Mars gave him good fortunes. Above positive planetary angles made him a Tallywood Hero, but with lot of waiting. The reason for the long waiting and struggled is his Lagna lord Mercury is in 90 degrees adverse aspect with Neptune and Venus is in bad aspect with Uranus. Again the key planets Sun and Saturn are in rival places. Due to this he became a mass hero but with lot of struggle.


Venus is the planet for arts. Moon rules our thoughts. When these two planets are well placed, that too in 7th house from lagna, they will be in popular career, which is related to Arts. Venus, Moon and in 7th house in Raviteja's horoscope. This position gave him great passion for movies from childhood. He moved to Channi immediately after completion of his degree in Vijayawada. He got small roles in few movies. He was not happpy with that. He started his career as assistent director and worked with Directors like Krishna Vamsi and others. But his dream to become a hero is alive. 9th house from lagna is for arts and movies. His 9th house lord is Saturn. Significator in any horoscope is Sun. Sun is in his 10th house but is in his enemy's place. So, Sun and Saturn's wrong placement created many hurdles in his career and delayed the chances of becoming a Hero. But Sun and Saturn are in 60 degrees good position. This aspect made him a successful assistant director. Many may feel that Saturn is a bad planet. But that is not totally correct. In the case of Raviteja he delayed the chance of becoming a hero, but he only given him the required patience to wait until the opportunity comes. Besides that, people who born in Gemini as lagna will have strong will. They will not give up any chance till they get success. These qualities led Raviteja to success. His career as a hero kick started from 1997. He acted as a hero in two movies and got very good name. That name paved the way for his successful career as a film hero. At that time his progressed moon was moving in his 7th house. Besides that there was good aspects between Sun - Mars, Venus - Mars during that time, which gave him a great start.


After that he got a break again. That is due to his progressed Moon traveled in his 8th house. Again he started acting in small roles. He suffered like that for two years. During 2001, when his progressed Moon started traveling in his 9th house, he enjoyed real success in his career. When progressed Moon travels in 9,10 and 11 houses, one will enjoy the success in career as well as financial matters. So, he enjoyed successful career for about 8 years, that to with small gaps during 2004 and 2005. His stars were bright during May 2006. His progressed Sun and Moon formed 60 degrees aspect. That give him a very successful project in his career Vikaramarkudu. That Movie was a real turning point in his career and made him one among the top tollywood heroes.


Raviteja changed some standered notions in telegu movies, which were there from decades. He has changed the trend of a Hero. With his stylish dictions, verity dialogue delivery, native action with ease, he won the hearts of telugu audience. Pople who born in Gemini lagna and with Mercury in good position, they will have wit and punch in their dialogues. They will attract others with their funny conversation. As Raviteja's Mercury is in his 10th house, he became popular with his verity dialogue delivery and different roles. He worked as an assistant director for some time. But he has given up that line as he 10th lord is Uranus. Uranus, when placed in 10th house will give break in career.  That is the reason why Raviteja given up Direction field and settled as a top actor.


Raviteja is undergoing slump period for the last 2 years as his progressed Moon is traveling in his 12th house. 12th Moon will cause disappointments, tensions, failures in anyone's horoscope. This led him series of failures in his career. But his stars are bright from March 2013. Except August 2013 entire year is good. Again he may witness some problems during September 2014. From Feb 2016 he will act in very successful movies. He will be somehow active and attached with film industry till 2021 and entertaining the telugu audience.