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Financial dealings, Loans, acquisition of valuables, health issues will be highlighted during this month. You will be dealing with taxes, insurance, and medical claims. You may aquaire valuables. You will recycle old things and reuse them as planet Sun will travel in Scorpio till 22nd of this month. You need to take care of your health during adverse days in this month. Along with Sun, Saturn is also transiting in Scorpio. This position may lead to misunderstandings with seniors. People who are in Government service or in Managerial positions may not have cordial relations with others. Legal issues, important meetings, happy events, traveling is indicated during the last week of this month as Sun will enter into Sagittarius.

Sunny Time

There are many favorable planetary positions during this month. Venus is coming into 120 degrees good aspect with Jupiter. Mars is sextiling Saturn during the last part of the month. At the same time Sun is making good aspect with Planet Uranus. With all these good planet positions November is going to be a happy month in general, more particularly to the people who born in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Sun Signs.

Venus Trine Jupiter on 9th

Planet Venus is forming 120 degrees aspect with Jupiter around 9th of this month, who is traveling in Gemini. This results happy events, bright financial position, and we may witness rise in stock markets. As Venus is Transiting in Libra, its own housed and making good aspect with Jupiter you may acquire new properties, ornaments, valuables and new vehicles. Some may get new contracts and big deals.

Around 26th - Happening time

Two major favorable aspect between Mars-Saturn and Sun-Uranus on 26th of this month. Due to this your emotional relationships will improve. You are likely to have to new and exciting attachments. As Venus joining Saturn around the last part of the month financial position will be dull. You may get into contact with aged or senior people. So enjoy the first part of the month and be little careful during last part of the month.

FAVORABLE DAYS: 4,6,9,12,18,23,26,28

ADVERSE DAYS: 7,11,13,21,25,27