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You will forget yourself when you see Great Mountains, Lush Green Forests, Unpolluted streams. Your mind will be blank. From that SUNYA state you will start feeling the presence of GOD. This unique experience you will get only at Mt. Kailash, the residence of Lord Siva. One must see that divine place to feel the presence of god.


The Journey to Mt. Kailash itself is a great experience. It starts from Nepal capital town Khatmandu. After having darshan of Pasupathi Nath, an ancient temple in Khatmandu, which is located on the bank of river Bhagmati and Jal Narayan, you will proceed to Tibet town Nyalam. All along the journey you will see the beautiful snow caped Himalayas. The distance from Khatmandu to Manas Sarovar is around one thousand kilometers. But you will not feel even little strain because of the big mountains, huge blue water ponds and sandy plain lands. Then you will reach Manas Sarowar, world's largest fresh water pond which is in such a height.

As per the Puranas, this pond is created by Lord Brahma for all the Devatas to have bath. You have to travel 120 Km if you what to go around that divine pond. Such a big Sarovar it is. The water in Manas Sarovar will be crystal clear and it will be freezing cold. One must do Punya Snana in that Sarovar and need to Pray lord Siva. You can see Mt. Kailash from Manas Sarovar in non-cloudy days. You can give Arghya to lord Siva and Surya Narayana with the diving waters. You will have blessings of all the gods, if you have bath in Manas Sarovar.


Doing Parikrama i.e. pradikshana of Mt. Kailash is a great experience. We did parikrama as the 2 days were sunny and no rain or snowfall. Many pilgrims will finish Manassarovar Yatra without doing parikrama if climate is not supporting. From Manas Sarovar you need to proceed to Mt. Kailash. First you will reach Darchen, the foot hill town of Mt. Kailash. After that you will cross Yamadwara and travel for 12 Kilometers by walk or on horses and will reach Deraphuk. There you will have the Darshan of Mt. Kailash. You will stay overnight in Deraphuk, which is very close to Mt. Kailash. Most of the days the temperature in that place will be minus degrees. It will be difficult to take breath. From there you will proceed to Zutulphuk through Dolmapass, which is in 19,000 feet height. There we will find Gouri Tal, where goddess Gowri stays. You will be filled with only diving thoughts and you do not need any kind of training there to get into Dhayna. 


You need to travel for 40 Kilometers to complete parikrama. Even if you engage horses you need to walk for about 10 Kilometers, but every one will complete it with the support of unknown power. At the end of the Parikrama you will feel the presence of god in air, water, stones and in every fraction of the universe.