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Colours are recognised as vital forces in shaping our behaviour, as we are living in the colourful wolrd, reacting to the vibra tions of colours. In fact our body is composed of the seven primary colours of the solar specturm (Rainbow)VIBGOYRViolet, Indigo, Black, Green, Orange, Yellow and Red. Besides these seven primary colours, there are some other colours which are formed by mixing two or more colours. Dificiency or excess of one of the colours in our body causes certain diseases related to that colour, and indicates the changes in our moods and manners.

Colours are linked with the five elements of the natureFire, Air, Earth, Water and Space and the seasons in the year. Each planet and each sign of the Zodiac is assigned a specific co lour. Similarly the metals, foodgrains and gems etc., are also known by colours. The importance of colourtherapy is gaining significance. These facts emphasise the importance that colours play in our daily life. The apparent colour of an object depends upon the wave length of the light that its reflects. Sometimes the choice of a colour reveals our true colour.

What colour you like best? It may be your vibratory colour and it may be taken as a clue to know your natural traits. You can guess the trends of your friends and relatives, if you find out their favourite colours. Some are fond of two or more colours and find it difficult to specify what colour they like best, and such persons may have mixed trends. It may be noted that colour is not the index to nature but it can influence the moods and manners.

Some colours are used as indictors or signals, uniforms or na tional flags. The rays of colour are used to make good the dificiency or reduce the excess found in the body. Each colour has a specific characteristic.


The following colours are assigned to the planets and the signs and week days rules by them:
1. Red (Coral)Mars -Aries & Scorpio-Tuesday
2. Green (Emerald)-Mercury-Gemini-Wednesday
3. Rose/Orange (Ruby)Sun-Leo-Sunday
4. White (Pearl)-Moon-Cancer-Monday
5. Yellow (Y.Sapphire)-Jupiter-Sagittarius-Thursday
6. White(Diamond)-Venus-Taurus-Libra-Friday
7. Blue (B>Sapphire)-Saturn-Capricorn-Saturday

It is a common practice to wear the gems of the planets on the week days presided over by the planets. Dresses of a particular colour can also be worn to be in harmony with the nature.
Red colour is assigned to Mars who rules the signs Aries & Scor pio. Mars is the planet for energy, force, courage, spirit, fire and passion. But impulsive action, hastiness, anger, combative ness. arguments, aggressive and adamant nature and domination are some some of the negative trends of Mars. It governs the nead, brain, face, nose, forehead, muscles, bladder, anus and the external sex organ in the body. It causes burs, cuts, boils, fever, headache, ruptures, accidents, wounds, bleeding, men struation, and diseases related to brain, muscles, anus, bladder, urinary system and generative organs. The red rays can supply the things deficit in the body and the boldness, vitality and spirit needed for action; they can regulate the circulation of bolld and cure diseases in the organs governed by Mars. Red is not always dangerous, though the red signal indicates danger. When a dignitary arrives, we give him redcarpet reception when a fortunate event happens, we record it as a red letter day. Red is the symbol of revolution and communism, and also energy, force and strength. Red is of use in all inflammatory diseases and the patient recovers soon if he is kept in a room arranged with red clothes, lights, carpets and paints.

If your favourite colour is red, you are active, intelligent, energetic, bold, independent, selfconfident, ready to step into action, capable of inspiring or leading others, but at time subject to fits of anger, impulsive, uncompromising, egotistic, aggressive and dominating. You wish to be recognised and flat tered.

If you like the pink colour, you are kind sympathetic, soft, helpful, humanatarian, calm, cheerful and loving. Pink rays can soften your moods, intensify love and passion and generates the feelings of sympathy and kindness. You will appreciate and enjoy art and beauty. But you are easily hurt when some one disturbs your moods. Dark pink with a hue of brown or black is a symbol of violence, hatred and anger.

Crimson red indicates high ideas, ambition, optimism, pioneering ability, strong desire for great achievements, deep attachment, affection, competitive spirit, love of pleasures, eagerness for success and jovial nature. The crimson rays remove laziness and generate optimisim and inspiration.

Maroon red is a symbol for strength, stamina, resistance power, warmth, strong purpose, dedication, devotion and cooperation. The maroon rays enable you to fight against odds and achieve your goals with the cooperation of others whom you attract. If the colour is more brownish, it indicates selfishness, materialistic outlook and greed.

Scarlet red indicates extremes in love and hatred, superficial love and sudden tempers. Actions lack of purpose. Always found restless and but never gets despire or timidity.

Orange is one of the most attractive colours assigned to SUN, as it resembles the colour of the Rising Sun, with Red and Yellow shades. This colour signifies dignity, nobility, sociable na ture, high aspirations, real love, friendship, impressive man ners, patronising element, liberal attitude, good heart, competi tive spirit, pride, ambition, inventive ability, love of games, arts, sports, pleasures and strong desire for recognition, popu larity and superiority.

The orange rays can change the moods strengthen the heart, regu late the circulations of bolld, help to cure the diseases of heart, eye and spine and improve your vitality and creative talents. If orange is your favourite colour, you are jovial, sociable, generous intelligent, patronising and fond of art, beauty games and pleasures. You should love others if you want to be loved by them, and you should not be carried away by flat tering and false prestige.

Yellow is the colour assigned to Jupiter. It signifies wisdom, intellect, arts, discrimination, creative talent, selfconfidence and noble ideas. People who are influenced by yellow colour usually take chances and avail opportunities with confidence. Jupiter is planet for expansion, optimism, development and pro gress. The yellow rays help to improve your knowledge gransping power and creative talents and cure diseases related to liver, hips, thighs, buttocks, obesity and also diabetes and other ailments caused by high living.

Pale yellow indicates timidity, overcaution and lack of inspira tion and confidence and weak constitution. Dull yellow is a symbol for selfishness and greed. Brownish yellow signifies many negative traits.

Green is one of the popular colours, assigned to the planet Mercury. It signifies youthfulness, companionship, sympathy sentiments, practical outlook, tack, stability, comforts, safety, security, communicative talents and easy going nature. People who like this colour are tactful, adaptable, adjustable, quiet, communicative witty, sociable, fond of comforts, friendship, harmony, safety, peace, arts, crafts and games. We notice some evergreen heroes who look younger and smart even in old age. A green signal ensures safety and indicates consent and a positive indication to proceed ahead. The greens provide food for us.

The green rays help to cure diseases like epilepsy, insanity, hysteria, nervous disorders, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, indiges tion, deafness, loss of memory, psychic problems, jaundice, insomnia and pains in the arms, shoulders and stomach and improve memory and mental peace.

Blue is another attractive colour, assigned to the planet Saturn. It indicates stability, fidelity, endurance, tolerence, pragmatic approach, trust, reliability, patience, calmness, steadiness, concentration, devotion, commonsense, wordly, wisdom and ambi tion. The blue rays have the soothing influence. The water filled in a blue bottle, if exposed to Sun, gains chemical prop erties and acts as a medicine to cure certain diseases. A pa tient kept in a room with blue clothes, lights and paints recov ers from mental ailments, due to the soothing power of blue. This colour can be used as a remedy for hysteria, insanity, eccentricity, insomnia, psychic problems, eye trouble, stress paralysis, skin diseases, arthritis, toothache and all pains and wounds. It gives mental peace and strengthens the nerves and bones.

Navy blue is a symbol for faith, trust, faithfulness, constancy, fidelity, reliability, cooperation, friendship, love and harmony.

Black and brown tinge leads to selfish traits, greed and strong desire for comforts. The grey shade signifies fear and uncer tainity and a green tingeimpetuous and impulsive nature.

Violet is considered as a royal colour. It indicates grandeur, selfesteem, variety, pride, pressures, showy nature, creative talents, charm attraction, pomp, harmony, peace, love of art, beauty, literautre, desire for recognition and ritualistic tend ency in devotion and worship. The violet rays have soothing influence.

The purple is also counted as a royal colour. It indicates pomp, pleasure, ambition, vanity, high ideals, dignity and love of art and beauty.

Black is generally treated as a bad colour indicative of sorrow, evil, danger and failure. A black flag is a symbol for protest and resentment. But in fact it is a colour of dignity, formali ty, justice, respect, piousness, simplicity withour any show and spiritualism. That is why priests, judges, lawyers and graduated students wear black dress. It has a soothing influence.

Brown colour stands for firmness, definite purpose, stability, good grasp and understanding, practical approach, plain, simple and normal behaviour. The brown rays help to increase the power of concentration and understanding.

White is a lovely colour assigned to Moon and Venus. White is a symbol for purity, neatness, cleanliness, charm, chastity, popu larity, simplicity, recognition, peace, harmony and brightness. The white flag is an indication of surrender. The white rays help to overcome tension, mental diseases and feminine ailments and strengthen the mind and power of memory.