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Neptune, the planet of mysticism, sensitivity, idealism, deception and spiritual enlightenment. This planet was invented in 1847 and now it completes one circle around the Zodiac. Though the traditional astrologers differs with the modern astrologers on its influence on individual horoscope, its deep impacts clearly visible. Neptune rules the oppressed and abandoned. On a higher level he rules visionaries, and those who are glamorous and charismatic.

Neptune (as a planet!) is now in effect celebrating his first birthday-or rather anniversary of discovery. This time around, Neptune initially entered the Jupiter/Neptune ruled mutable water sign of Pisces on April 4, 2011, sort of slipping in the back way, as the main global attention has been focused on the warfare in the Middle East and the natural disasters. On February 3rd Neptune is heading back into Pisces for a very long stay, remaining there pretty much until January 2026. Pisces gives a love of mysticism and a tendency to investigate metaphysics.

Neptune will be in Pisces for many years to come, so his influence won't be felt every day or even in terms of weeks or months unless one of the factors in your own personal chart is affected directly. From time to time, circumstances will announce the power, probably when you experience a much deeper interest in the occult and the paranormal.

When Neptune is passing through Aquarius (i.e. from 1997 to 2011) there was a big revolution in technology due to Uranus and Neptune effect. Graphics played a very big role in IT industry. Now we can not imagine a Movie without graphics. We also witnessed big financial scams in our country as well as around the world.

People who born in Pisces, cancer and Aquarius sun signs and Neptune placed in their first house in their individual horoscopes will experience..
Bright Imagination, intuition, Impression, Attraction. Interest will develop in Dance, Music, Acting, Painting, Decoration Art, Yoga, Meditation, Worship, Occult Subjects.

People who are there in Neptunian fields i.e. Flowers, Perfumes, Paints, Colors, Ice, Sweet, Juices, Soft Drinks, Wines, Drugs, Intoxicants, Dairy, Fisheries, Wells, Pumps, Boats, Ships, Pearls mirrors, Plastics, Polish, Paints, Glass, Cosmetics, Flooring Material, Beds, Foot Wear etc., will be highly beneficial and improve their business. Duplicating, Print, Type, Xerox, Copying Photography, Films, Pictures, Ideals, Sculpture, Imitation businesses will flourish. Medical Profession, Pharmacy, Hospitalization, NursingHome professions will get good returns.

We will witness Graphical revolution in I.T and Visual Media. Fiction, Story writing will pickup. Faith, Sentiments, Clairvoyance, Prophecy will increase. Faith will grow on Yoga and Dhayana.

But, major scams will come out during this period. Forgery, Deception, fraud, Adulteration, Illusions may increase. Psychic and Mental Problems will grow up abnormally. There will be many isims which creates confusion. Escapism, Evasion, Isolation, Secrecy will be the general tendency. Drugs will rule the world.

This Planet remains in one house for nearly 13 years. If associated with good planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury or Sun or well aspected by any Planet moving at a distance of about 120 of 60 degrees, Neptune gives favorable results in affairs relating to the House occupied by it and causes adverse results if it is afflicted by bad aspects or conjunctions with bad planets. Well-aspected Neptune gives monetary or material benefits from Profession, Industry or Business related to Neptune, while moving in Houses 10,6,2,4,12 and 8. It brings benefits through contacts with people engaged in Neptunian trades or professions, while moving in Houses 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 if well aspected or associated with good planets. During these period Contracts, Agreements, Studies, Trips, Engagements, Weddings, Meetings, Seminars, Exhibitions and Artistic Pursuits are favored. If Neptune is afflicted you are likely to suffer from Losses, Deception, Fraud, Scandals, Psychic Problems, Insomnia, Tension or Sickness. Every month, Moon aspects and joins Neptune during her transits in the 12 Houses. But the effects of lunar aspects may not indicate important results but aspects of Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun are important.