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CATS EYE PROTECTS FROM EVIL SPIRITS The CAT'S EYE is on of the nine important gems the Nav- Ratnas. This stone is too named because it looks like the eye of the cat. The sanskrit names are Vaidurya, Ketu-ratna, Bidalaksha, Rashtrak etc. Hindi name: Vaidurya, and LAHSUNIA. It is known as Lahsunia in Urdu and Parsi also. The hardness is 8.5 and specific gravity ranges from 3.68 to 3.75. It is available from chrysoberyl, an aluminate of berylli um. There are two varieties of cats eye - 1)Alexandarite 2)Chrysolites. The stone of dark green color is known as Alexan darite and the one of light green, or greenish yellow is called chrysolites. There is another variety known as cynophone which shines in varied colors. The cats eye which belongs to the quartz group is considered as a stone of inferior quality.

A bright cats eye contains a white band invisible. It is known as Alexanderite. It spreads yellow radiance. This is considered as the least stone. The grade and force increase accord ing to the brightness of the white band inside. The stone, which doesn't contain a white band inside, is known as chrysolite. The stones available in the mines of Mogak in Burma are superior in quality and so costlier. Larger quantities of this stone are produced in Ceylon, Brazil and China. The gems found in Trivandrum in South India are also of good quality. A big chrysolite is kept in the British Museum. It is 35.5mm long and 35mm wide. The stone which looks like cats eye containing a green band inside is quite different and is called Tiger's eye. It is of black color with yellow tint, and not to be mistaken as cats eye.

Some Vaiduryas are available in white color also with a white thread inside and some with mixed colors of red and sky blue and other color. Blue colored stones are known as Krishna Vaidurya and the gold colored ones are called Kanaka Vaidurya. Dark and light yellow colored cats eye with a line inside shining like a cotton thread are superior in quality. Defective cats eye are harmful. The gem should be genuine, smooth, shining and clean without cuts, scratches, dots, scars, holes or spots. Dull, pale and unclean stones are not good. If the stone is rough when touched it causes disputes frequently; cuts, scars and breaks may cause deaths in the family or break in the white band inside is also harmful. Spots, dots and dirt cause poverty and financial troubles. These defects are named as kartasa, thrasa, deha, and kalanka in sanskrit.

A genuine cats eye improves personal charisma, protects the wearers from accidents, dangers and evil spirits, bad effects of evil eye, attacks by enemies and humiliation. It brings benefits to the wearer if he is engaged in spiritual and occult professions, astrology, prophesy, yoga, meditation, spiritual healings and chanting of religious hymns. It gives mental peace, good health sucess over rivals, predictive power and the ability of for see coming events. It protects from the prisons of scorpions and snakes. The powder and paste of cats eye are used in Indian Medicine to cure the diseases relating to eyes, skin and heart and ail mints caused be excess of phlegm, pile, cough etc. It thickness the semen, improves vitality and strengthens the mind. If a pregnant woman wears it, easy and free delivery is ensured, or she can drink the from the vessel in which a cats eye is immersed or use the ghee applied to the stone. A cats eye of minimum of 3 carats is weight should be set in a ring made of eight minerals (Ashta dhatu) or silver and should be worn on an auspicious Thursday midnight, preferably when the star Pushyami prevails.

Who should wear CAT'S EYE - VAIDURYA?

Avidity or Cat's Eye is the stone of KETU the south node of the Moon, a shadow planet. It has no ruler sip over a sign or weekday, as it is not a real planet but it is exalted in the sign vrischika. It acts like the planet which rules the sign occupied by it and the planet aspecting or associated with it. It is similar to Mars in giving results. Ketu rules the stars Aswini, Magha and Moola. The duration of the period of Ketu or Ketu dasa is seven years.

The following persons can wear CAT'S EYE

1)  if their birth stars are Aswini, Magha, Moola
2)  if Ketu Maha dasa is operating at present
3)  if they are suffering from the ill effects of bad  eye or  evil spirits.
4)  if they desire to attain spiritual powers
5)  if their married life is not happy due to  differencesor lack attachment.
6)  it  they  are engaged in the  occupation  related  to spiritual  healing, medicine, astrology,  prophecy  and occult  subjects.  Pregnant  women  doubtful  of   easy delivery can wear this during pregnancy.

As the cats eye is powerful stone it should be worn  after a  trial  of  proper person  should  be  consulted  before wearing  as  regards the suitability and  quality  of  the  stone.