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Gomedh is one of the nine precious stones. It is so named in sanskrit, because its color looks like the urine of the cow. 'Go' means cow and medh means urine. In India the urine of the cow is used for purification. gomedh of this color is considered as the best gem. Honey colored stones are also equally good Gomedhak, Ping sphatik and raju-ratna are the other names in sanskrit. It is known as zircoonia in urdu, Zircon in english, Gomedh in Hindi, Gomedhikam in Telugu. This stone belongs to the zircon family, it is a silicate of zirconium, found in four sided prisms. Zircon is an equivalent word for Gomedh, but all zircon are not gomedh because they are available in many colors. Only those of the color of the urine of the cow or honey are regarded as the real gomedhs.

The colorless white zircons shine like diamonds and often mistaken as diamonds. The red colored stones are known as jacinth and the yellow ones jargoons. The stones of sky color, light green and yellow are aattrac- tive and considered good. The genuine gomedh is the most attractive of the gems, with bright double colors. The hardness is 7.5 and the specific gravity ranges from 4.2 to 4.7. The hardness lustre and gravity may vary accord- ing to different colors and content. Red zircons may change when heated. Green and orange shade stones may not contain double color. The gomedh of double color, soft, most attractive, lustrous, radiant of the color of the urine of the cow or honey is regarded as a gem of best quality. It confers wealth, health, sucess and prosperity. Defective gem is harmful. If gomedh is not suitable to the wearer, it causes many difficulties, damages and failures,. It is better to consult an expert in astrology and gemology to know whether the gem is suitable and of good quality. Some gem is suitable and of good quality. Some gemologists consider Hessonite garnet as gomedh or zircon. Another stone known as Akeek is considered as gomedh, but it is not equal to it because it is available in difference colors. Tursava, a soft stone of yellwish red color is used as a substitute for gomedh. A real gomedh, if immersed in bowl of milk doesnt loose it lustre or color and the milk shines in light yellow color. There is another stone named spheen of 5.5 hardness. It looks likes gomedh but it color fades away when dipped in hot water or spirit.

Zircon of the best quality are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Queen's land and New South wales in Australia, France and Russia. The colorless bright zircons found in Srilanka shine like diamonds and famous as mithura diamonds. New south wales produces bright red zircon. Gomedhs are available in many places like France, Rus- sia, Burma and also in Simla, Kashmir, Bihar and Coim- battore in India. Gomedh of sky blue color with light green, should found in srilanka and India are most attractive.

Gomedh possess wonderful healing powers. The stone brighten the intellect, cures mental and psychic diseas- es, white pathces, leprosy, skin diseases, piles, T.B and ailments caused by phlegm and bile. The powder and paste of gomedh are used in ayurvedic medicines. It protects the skin and increases the appetite and taste. In the paste, people engaged in battles and hunting wild animals used to wear the stone for protection. It is believed that this stone converts enemies into friends confers sucess in wars, contests, political elections and legal battles, increases the charishma and helps to recover the lost money or material.

The genuine gomedh of not less than six carats should be worn in a ring made of eight metals - "ashta dhathu", in the middle finger on an auspicious wednesday preferably when the star uttaraphalguni prevails on the day. As an alternative, a silver ring can be used if it is diffi- cult to get a ring of eight metals. The weight of the stone should be 6,11, or 13 carats and should not be 7,10 or 16 carats. Hessonite garnet can be used as a substitute for gomedh.

Who should wear gomedh?

Gomedh also known as Rahu-Ratna is the stone for RAHU the north node of moon. Rahu is not a planet. Hence it has no ruler ship over a sign or week day. But is re- garded as a planet, similar to saturn in nature. It acts like the planet associated with it, aspecting it or ruling the sign occupied by it. It is powerful in Vris- habha or Mithuna Rasi and weak in Vrischik and Dhanu. Rahu rules the stars arudra, swathi and sathabhisha. The duration of Rahu maha dasa is 18 years. The solar and lunar eclipses occur when Rahu is closer or opposite to sun and moon on the New moon or full moon days. By nature Rahu is a malefic like saturn and mars, but becomes a benefic when it occupies the houses 3,6 or 11 in the horoscope.

A person can wear a gomedh if born in the stars of Arudra, swathi or satabhisha or if the period of rahu is operating at present or if makara or kumbha is the lagna of rasi at birth. Some born between February 14 and March 13 with surya in Kumbha rasi wear this stone.

According to western astrology, the stone amethyst is suggested for Aquarians born between January 21 and February 19 and garnet for the capricarnia born between december 22 and january 20. According to numerology, zircon is the stone for the number four persons born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st in any month.