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Coral and Pearl are cheaper than other precious stones, they are equally powerful in giving good results. That is why they are included in the set of Nava Ratnas-the main nine gems. Both are not minerals they found in the seas.

Corals are available in red and sindoori colours. The hardness is nearly 3.5 and specific gravity is about 2.65. Coral islands are famous for these stones. Srilan- ka, Algeria, Tunisia, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and other countries produce large number of corals.

Coral is the gem of Mars-Mangal. Sanskrit names: Praval, Vidruma, Rakthank, Latha-mani, Angaraka-Mani. Hindi: Moonga; Telugu: Pagadam.

The Coral is calcium carbonate, formed from the skele- tons of very small sea-creatures of one inch lond found in the coastal rocks and the sands in the beaches. Larger ones of about two feet are seem swimming in the seas. A gum-like substance oozes from the small lumps on the bodies of these creatures and transforms into coral. The creatures named as ISIS-NOBILES which generates corals look like a small plant with leaves and stems. The raw coral are cut to required size and shape- generally oval or round, using special machines. There are some factories in Italy, Germany, Geneva and other places, employing thousands of workers mostly woman for cutting these stones. The great Australian Red coral was found in the Red Sea. Once some blue corals were found in west African coasts but now no where to be seen. In an exhibition held in Berlin in the 1880 a coral rosary was offered for sale for 6000 pounds.

Coral is regarded as a powerful gem, even in the western countries. Some religious persons in Rome and other places wear beads of Red coral, with a strong belief that they protect from danger, accident, thunder bolts, fire, poison, evil spirits, sorcery, enemity and some diseases. It is believed that the coral looses its color and lustre and becomes pale, when the wearer becomes sick and regains its color and brightness when he recov- ers.

Hindu married woman in India wear the necklace of corals with a strong faith that it protects Mangalyam or Mari- tal happiness, ensures long married life and wards off the evil effects of Mars. It is stated in Indian Astrol- ogy that Mars delays, denies or distrubs married life, if found in the houses 7,8,4,2 or 12 from lagna or moon at the time birth. It is known as mangal dosha. Angaraka or Kuja-dosha meaning evils of mars.

In Indian Medicine the powder and paste of coral is used for relief from diseases like cough, bronchites, asthma, jaundice, ulcers, piles, T.B, small pox, wounds, swell- ings (edema), burns, cuts, blisters, indigestion, blood pressure, urinary troubles, leprosy, itches and ailments caused by excess of phlegm and bile. The cream like paste, if applied to the stomache of pregnant lady averts abortion.

A person who desires to wear a coral should choose one of good quality without defects. A coral is good if it is round or oval, perfect in shape, red in colour like cinnabar, blood or rabit or birub fruit, smooth and bright. It should be set in a ring of gold mixed with copper and wron on an auspicious tuesday in the ring finger. The weight should not be less than 6 carats. A coral with scratches, holes, cracks black or white spots, scars, mixed colors, bends, twists, depression and not smooth, oval or round and bright should not be worn. Such defective coral causes diseases, accidents, quarrels, dangers and difficulties.

The following persons can wear a coral.

        1) Aries born between March 21 and April 20
        2) Scorpio born between October 24 and November 22
        3) Persons  born when Aries or Scorpio  was  rising  at birth
        4) Those born in the Rasi or Lagna or Mesha or Vrischika
        5) People with Birth stars Mrigasira,Chitra or Dhanishta
        6) Those undergoing the period of Mangal(Mars)
        7) Persons having the evil of Mars- Angaraka Dasha
        8) These engaged in the occupation governed by mars like electricity, automobiles, fire, weapons, explosives, army, law and order, sharp tools, surgery etc.,

Carnelian or Red Jasper can be used as substitutes. Selection of a stone should not be based on the general guide lines. An expert in astrology and gemology should be consulted before wearing a gem to know whether it is suitable or not.



The semi-precious stones-Carnelian, Blood Stone, Jasper and Agate can be used as substitutes the Coral, as they are red in colour. Carnelian is a kind of Quartz, available in red and orange colours, from Brazil, Uruguay, Japan and Queens land and also found in India. The Sanskrit and Hindi names are RUDRAKSH & RAATH-RATHUVA. It cures fever that occur in the nights only and also protects from evil spirits. It gives courage, patience and self-confidence.

Blood Stone, a semi-precious stone of red colour is another substitute for Coral. it stops bleeding and gives courage. Ladies should not wear it. Jasper and Agate of red colour can also be worn. Agate is a lucky stone for those engaged in agriculture and gardening. It strengthens love and friendship and confers good health and longevity. It acts as a sexual stimulant, strengthens the heart and cures bleeding, stones and liver and heart troubles.