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Pearl is the gem of Moon.

Sanskrit names: Mukthaphal, Mouktik, Suktiza, Chandra-ratna Hindi name: Mothi ; Telugu name: Mutyam ; Urdu name: Murvarid

Pearl is one of the nine main gems-Navaratnas. It is of calcium carbonate, its hardness is 3.5, or 3.4 and its specific gravity ranges from 2.65 to 2.86. Mostly the pearls are found in the seas, generally formed in the shell-fish oysters. It is believed that the rains drops falled inside the shells of the mollusk become pearls when the Star Swathi is transited by Sun, opproximately from October 24 to November 6. The pearls produced by the oysters during Swathi rain are considered the best because they are clean, white, radiant and beautiful.

The real pearls shine well in the bright fortnight and appear to be little black in the dark half of the month. If the pearls are kept in cow's urine mixed with salt for sometime and rubbed with husk, they should shine well as before and should not break. If they loose lustre or break, they are not original pearls. The while pearl with pure watery shade is a good gem.

There are three types of pearls: 1. Aani, 2. Suthara and 3. Supani, classified according to the colour, shape, size and lustre by the ancient scholars. The Aani type is round in shape radiating white rays. The Suthara shines like a star and the Supani is very white, clean and radiant.

Some pearls are found on the hoods of serpents, in elephant tusks, bamboo trees, certain big sea-fish, sugarcanes, the claws of wild pig and shellfish. The snake pearls, small in size and red in colour can protect from poisons. The small bamboo pearls of the size of blackgram seeds shining like stars can give comforts and pleasures. All these special pearls are rarely available.

The following pearls are defective:

1. Three sided, 2. red, 3. black, 4. smoky, 5. depressed on both sides, 6. dull and lustreless, 7. dirty, 8. look like fish-eye and 9. with three layers. These pearls should not be worn. The pearls produced by oysters are genuine. Srilanka, Persian Gulf, Australia, Japan, Pacific isles, The Read Sea and South India produce pearls. Some are available in Andhra Pradesh also. Tuticorn is famous for pearls.

A shining white pearl without sports cracks, holes or layers, weighing 2,4,6 or 11 carats should be set in a silver ring and worn on an auspicious Monday or Thursday in the ring finger during the bright fortnight.

    Who should wear a Pearl?

    The following persons can wear pearl, if they were born-
    1. between June 22 and July 23 in the month of cancer
    2. when the tropical sign cancer was rising at the time of birth
    3. when the stars Rohini, Hastha or Sravanam were prevailing  at the time of birth
    4. when Karkataka Rasi was the lagna at birth
    5. when  the  stars Pushyami, Aslesha or  the  last  quarter  of Punarvasu were presiding over the day at the time of birth and
    6. if the dasa period of Moon is operating now.

    Others can also wear a pearl 

    (1) if Moon in their horoscope is in  own  sign Karkataka or exalted in Vrishabha Rasi in an  angle  or  trine 

    (2) if Moon is afflicted and in adverse places in the chart 

    (3)  if  the main or sub-period of Moon is operating  at  present  causing difficulties 

    (4) if their date of birth is 2,11,20 or  29  or total number of the date, month and year is two when added and  reduced  to a single digit and if their occupations are  governed  by Moon.

    Profession,   industry,  trade  or  employment  related  to   the  following are governed by Moon:

    1. Essential commodities and basic needs like good, water,  cloth  and other domestic supplies, catering, etc.

    2.  Soft  drinks, mineral water, ice, juices,  fruits,  essences,  oils,  liquid  drugs.  Water works, wells,  borewells,  milk  and  milk-products,  navigation, fisheries, boats,  shipping,  pearls,  bridges over rivers, dams, etc.

    3. Travelling, travel agencies, travelling representatives.

    4.  Maternith  and child welfare, nursing,  gyneacology,  women's  welfare,  nursing homes, hospitals and matters related  to  women  and family.

    5. Mind, mental deseases, memory.

    6.  Public  relations,  politics,  popularity,  hotels,   lodges,  theatres, shops and other places that attract the public.

    7. Silver, moon-stone, lime and other items of white colour.

The powder of pearls is used in Indian medicine, as a drug to cure deseases like cold, cough, tuberculosis, asthma, stomach disorders, etc. It is believed that the pearl gives happiness in family life, strengthens the body and mind, cures mental deseases, increases memory, confers WY![A]protects the wearers from drangers. Women wear the pearls in nose, rings, necklaces, bangles and rings.



MOON-STONE is the English name for the Sanskrit words Chandrakantha-Mani or Go-Dantha. This stone is of the colour of while cloud or the teeth of the cow. A shining band is visible inside and it rolls when the stone is turned. Its hardness is 6 and specific gravity 2.57. This stone is available in SriLanka, Burma, Switzerland and India. It is more effective during the Bright Half of the month; it ensures safety to sailors, fishermen and travellers, gives relief from mental unrest and develops optimism.

OPAL is the English name for Doodhiya Pathar or UPAL (milk stone). It is different from other stones and looks more beautiful. Its hardness ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 and specific gravity 1.95 to 2.3. Opal is used in medicine to cure fevers and increase the taste. It creates religious and spiritual interest. Some Librans use Opal as Birth Stone.

Both Moon Stone and Opal can be used as substitutes for Pearl. Those born between June 22 & July 23 and Moon Sign can war these stones.