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Yellow sapphire or Pushyarag is one of the five powerful gems, ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is suitable to the Sagittarians born between November 23 and December 21 and those born in Dhanu or Meena rasi and in the stars of Punarvasu, Vishaka and Poorvabhadra. The weight of real yellow sapphire should not be less than three carats and the price may be approximately Rs.2000/- per carat, depending on the quality. The semi precious stones like Topaz, Golden Topaz, Yellow coloured tourmaline, zircon and pearls and citrina are very cheap and they can be used as substitution.

The Topaz or yellow sapphire is the stone of Jupiter-Guru, who governs yellow and gold colours. Its Sanskrit names are Pushya-rag, Pushpa-rag, Peetha-mani, Jeeva- ratna and Guru-ratna. Its Hindi name is PUKHRAJ. This gem resembles the Star Pushya, hence it is named as Pushya-raga. There are two varieties of Topaz; the white coloured topaz os {ushyaraga and the gold coloured one is "Kanaka-pushya- raga". Kanaka means gold. Yellow or gold colour topaz is considered as the real Pushya-raga, because that is the colour of Jupiter. It is one of the five main gems- Pancharatnas and also the nine main gems-Navaratnas. The good topaz is pure, clean, shining, soft, smooth, solid, heavy and beautiful, without any spots, cracks, layers, holes or other defects. It will be brighter when rubbed on a polished stone.

The stone which is uneven, rough, dull, faded, dry, with spots, cracks and black, red, brown or yellow tints and does not radiate yellow rays, should not be worn. The defective stones cause many problems instead of giving good results. The topaz with webs and layers causegastric troubles. Red dots cause loss of money or assets and cracks in the stone cause losses by theft or raids. The topaz which looks dried up with depression creates mental unrest, fears and tensions. Milk-white gem may cause accidents and injuries. Mixture of black and white colours in the gem may destroy the wealth and live-stock of the person who wears it. The dull stone which does not radiate yellow rays will spoil the harmony in the domestic life and caused litigations, quarrels and enemity. Jupiter is the planet for progress, expansion, opportunity, optimism, wisdon, talents, prosperity and fame.

According to Hindu astrology, this planet governs money and progeny also. A person who wears real topaz gets the benefic results of Jupiter like financial gains, progeny, success in higher studies and intellectual professions and gets relief from financial difficulties, legal problems and worries caused by children. Women wear this stone, if marriage is long delayed. It is helpful to pregnant ladies who wish smooth delivery. The hardness of topaz is 8 and its specific gravity 3.53. The original Pushya-rag does not loose its luster even after dipping it in pure milk for about 24 hours. If it is put on a pure white cloth and exposed to Sun, it spreads yellow rays on the cloth. It removes the poison when it is placed on the sport of snake or scorpion bite. The powder of topaz is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for certain deseases like indigestion, piles, leprosy, bleeding, diabetis, head- aches, fevers, ailments caused by excess of phlegm and wind, insomnia and mental deseases. It acts as an antidote. The stones are found in Brazil, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Rhodasia, Mexico, Tasmania, Srilanka and other places. The topaz found alongwith Ruby is considered the best. Brazil produces large of quantity of topaz. Yellow saphire, citrine, quartz, yellow tourmadine and yellow zircon are used as substitutes to Topaz. Citrine is a yellow quartz called Golden Topaz. Pushyarag of not less than, three carats weight, should be worn on an auspicious Thursday or Monday, preferably when the star Pushyami prevails on that day. The stone set in a gold ring should be worn in the ring finger or index finger.

Who should wear Pushyrag or Pukhraj? The yellow stone topaz or its substitute can be worn by the persons-

        1.  born between November 23 and December 21 in the  month of Sagittarius. 
        2.  born when the tropical Sagittarius was rising  at  the  time of birth. 
        3.  born  when the Janmalagna or Janma Rasi was  Dhanu  or  Meena, ruled by  the planet Guru. 
        4.  born  when  the  Janma Nakshatra  or  birth  star  was  Punarvasu, Visakha or Poorvabhadra ruled by Guru. 
        5.  born on Thursday or Guru-vara. 

Others can also wear the Topaz, if the Dasa Period of Jupiter is operating or if Jupiter in their horoscope is afflicted or placed in bad places, either for good results or for relief from adverse effects. Jupiter is the planet low, education, religion, spiritualism, philosophy, taxation, finance, legislature, ministry, sciences and consultancy. The persons engaged in these fields also can wear topaz for success, progress, gains and popularity. Much depends upon the position of Jupiter in the horoscope of a person to decide whether the topaz suits him or not.


Topaz, a semi-precious stone yellow colour is a fluo- silicate of aluminum. It looks like the yellow sapphire. Its hardness is a 8 and specific gravity is 3.53. Brazil, Ceylone, Japan, Ireland and Scotland are the main sources of topaz. This topaz is a good substitute to Pushyarag.

Citrine, the yellow quartz is also called topaz. The Brazilian citrine is finest stone. France, Madagascar, Uruguay and Russia also supply this stone. When polished it looks like the real gem. Its hardness is 7 and specific gravity is 2.65. The person who wears this gets sound sleep and relief from nightmares.

Tourmaline of yellow colour are available in Srilanka and America. This semi precious stone is a good substitute.