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KARMIC remedies are different types. Basically astrolgers advise NAVAGRAHA SHANTI for the planets afflicted at a particular time or for the planets whose MAHARDASA and BHUKTHI are is running at that time. In addition to JAPAM other modes of shanthi is advised for each planet. A Person who is having currently the Mahardasa or Antardasa of a particular graha/planet may perform the pooja/worship of particular graha/planet.For the convenience we are giving corresponding names of the navagraha:

Ravi/Surya-Sun, Chandra-Moon, Kuja/Angarak/Mangal-Mars, Sukra-Venus, Budha-Mercury, Ghuru/Bruhaspathi-Jupiter, Rahu-Moon's North Node, Ketu-Moon's South Node, Sani-Saturn.

We have given the Navagraha stothra below.